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Ask The Expert

WRITTEN BY: Owner, Tricia Lauerman

Tricia answers some common questions about the pole & aerial experience

Tricia discovered her passion for pole fitness & aerial arts after searching for an alternative to traditional, mainstream fitness. In 2013, she opened Altitude Pole Fitness and Aerial Arts in Frisco Texas. She holds 12 pole dance fitness titles and has completed over 10 training sessions in pole & aerial fitness. She has even created 2 training programs certified by NASM and AAFA in pole fitness and aerial yoga. She is a past vice president and a current judge for the US Pole Sport Federation, which is the recognized governing body of Pole Sport & Aerial Art in the USA as determined by the USA Sports Council. The USPSF is working towards Pole & Aerial being recognized globally as a sport and the eventual inclusion into the Olympic Games. She has been judging pole and aerial competitions at the local and national levels for over 6 years, as well as coaching all ages of pole and aerial fitness enthusiasts.

Describe the range of classes offered at Altitude Aerial & Fitness

We offer weekly brand new beginners to advanced level classes from ages 7 and up in pole fitness, aerial silks, aerial sling, aerial hoop, and aerial rope. The studio has a large variety of over 60 weekly classes, so our adult students have a variety of days and times available to provide the flexibility needed for a busy lifestyle. For our kids and teens, an enrollment-based program provides the consistency they need, matched with a progressive curriculum, ensuring we meet the needs of each student wherever they are in their aerial journey.

What level of experience/skill is recommended when trying either a pole fitness class or an aerial class?

We hear all the time “I have no upper body strength, I’m too old, I need to lose weight first”. This is absolutely not true! We believe that pole & aerial arts can be accessible to everyone, so we have thoughtfully designed our unique curriculums to ensure each student (regardless of age or current fitness level) has fun and feels successful after each class. Brand-new beginners are welcome! Absolutely no experience necessary.

What can a first-time attendee expect from their first class?

We know that signing up for your first class with us can be overwhelming for some, and exciting for others. Our passion is to cultivate a space where students can find and finetune their strength, positivity, and confidence, in an energizing, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere. Whether you choose a pole or an aerial class as your first experience with us, you can expect lots of positivity, encouragement, and support from instructors, staff, and even the other students! We designed our curriculum to progress our students logically and naturally, making even the most daunting of skills (for example inverting or climbing) accessible to beginner-level students by breaking them down into manageable segments until the skill is understood and accomplished.

What are the benefits of pole fitness and aerial fitness in comparison to more conventional fitness classes?

As far as pole fitness goes, increased strength and flexibility are great benefits. However, the biggest transformation we see is on the inside. Increased confidence, a huge boost in self-esteem, and the support of a diverse and unique community that encourages and empowers each other are the greatest benefits pole dance can offer someone.

On the aerial side, we would say increased coordination and core strength. The benefits of inversions (going upside down) on a regular basis have been proven to increase endorphins, improve mental clarity, and relieve joint pressure and spinal compression.

What is your favorite part of your job?

The most rewarding part of coaching is a student’s excitement and increased confidence when they realize they are stronger and more capable than they thought they were. As an owner, my favorite part of the job is leading a team of amazing and talented instructors and cultivating a studio culture that supports and empowers our students throughout their pole & aerial journey.


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