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Safety Policy

For the safety of all participating and coaching, the following policies must be agreed to prior to attending class.

  1. BE ON TIME: Proper warm up is a REQUIREMENT for every class. If you are late to class, the instructor is within their right to delay allowing you to start and even deny your entry to the class, in order to complete a proper warm up and prevent possible injuries. No refunds will be given for denied entry. Please be on time. 

  2. RESPECT PROPER PROGRESSIONS: Proper mastery of basic skills is required prior to progressing to skills requiring more strength, control, height and endurance, REGARDLESS of level of current fitness or previous dance training.

  3. GO SLOW. START LOW: New skills must be practiced at ground level, multiple times, with instructor approval before attempting them aerially.

  4. ALWAYS use appropriate safety equipment.  

    • Aerial Hammock and Aerial Silks: MUST include use of flooring mats  AT ALL TIMES. NO EXCEPTIONS. Additional mats should be used based on the level of difficulty, age of student and risk.

    • Pole Fitness: must use crash mats for any new inverted postures until cleared by the instructor.  

    • Aerial Yoga: requires flooring mats. When more advanced or inverted aerial postures are being introduced, additional mats should be used at instructor discretion based on level of difficulty and risk of injury.

  5. DON'T HELP: Students are not allowed to teach or spot other students for liability reasons. Students found teaching or spotting other students without permission, will be given a verbal warning. Consistent disregard for verbal warnings may result in expulsion from the program.

  6. ASK FOR HELP: Students are strictly prohibited from attempting anything they saw on social media prior to consulting the instructor. If they are interested in learning the skill, please notify an instructor, so that instructor may evaluate the skill, determine the level of difficulty, and prepare to break it down for proper basic instruction.

  7. EQUIPMENT HANDLING: Students are prohibited from assisting with equipment set-up or tear down for their own safety and liability.

  8. FIND A FRIEND: Unsupervised practice by students is strictly forbidden. No one EVER practices alone.

  9. KIDS: Any children in the studio must be there to actively participate in classes. Siblings of children participating must be supervised by a parent at all times and cannot be allowed to play on the equipment for liability reasons.

  10. SAY NO TO DRUGS: Students must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while training. This includes prescription or over-the-counter medications that might alter their ability to focus or concentrate.

  11. RESPECT YOUR BODY:  Overuse injuries are extremely common in aerial arts. Rest days are imperative. Allergies, illness, alcohol consumption and monthly cycles can all affect your strength and stamina. KNOW WHEN TO QUIT. You can’t come back tomorrow if you injure yourself today.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
No REFUNDS will be given for students asked to leave due to non-compliance.

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