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Youth Circus

The Altitude Youth Circus Program is specifically designed to provide younger aerial enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the benefits of circus arts. We are an exciting, safe, non-competitive environment with an age-specific curriculum.

Kids/Teens: Service

Youth Circus Weekly Classes

Ages 7-17

Our program is taught by experienced, certified aerialists with an extensive background in youth training. The thoughtful and progressive curriculum ensures that each student feels challenged and accomplished regardless of level or learning style.

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Use your Trial Class Pass to reserve an available spot in an upcoming class. 


Class Structure:

A coordinated, group warm-up is followed by breakout sessions based on skill level. Students will be taught a variety of level-appropriate skills. Upon completion of the benchmarks for that level, they progress to the next level within the class.


Current Pricing:

Recreation & Level 1 Classes |  $150 monthly

Homeschool Class: $125 monthly

Level 2  |  $125 monthly

Performance Ready Classes: $50 monthly (add-on ONLY)

  • $30 single trial class fee that becomes the $30 registration fee should they decide to enroll.

  • 10% Sibling and 20% multi-class discounts are available. 

  • NOTE: Our program is an enrollment. You are securing a spot in the class. As a result, you are charged whether you attend or not. 

  • Make-up classes are dependent on availability and according to the terms and conditions of membership.

  • You are NOT charged for classes canceled for holidays or bad weather.

  • Our program follows the Frisco ISD calendar.

  • Memberships and spots cannot be transferred as we have waitlists and curriculums. 

For a detailed description of each apparatus,
please visit our
aerial fitness page

New Client Interest Form

Steps to a trial class:

  1. Fill out the form below

  2. Instantly receive an email and SMS with the next steps

  3. Purchase the trial class

  4. Choose your class and reserve your spot

  5. To ensure you receive all the info about our program, please fill out the form below, or you are gonna feel lost ;-)

Ready to get started? Fill out the form and start your trial today!

Youth Parent Resources

A list of resources for the parents of students currently enrolled in our program.

Youth Circus Enrollment Policies  Linked & Final.png

1. Change/ Add/ Cancel Form

Please use this form if you are currently enrolled in the program and need to change classes, add a class, freeze or cancel your existing enrollment

2. access your Child's account

Details on how to access your child's account, so you can change your card or banking info, check upcoming reservations, and report an absence.  If you do not know your password, just click the forgot password link and it will send you a reset link to the email on file. 

3. Make- Up Classes and Absences

Details on how to qualify for an automatic make-up class, how to request a make-up class, report an absence, and schedule a make up class. 

4. Need More Help

Not finding the answers? Email the director or use the quick text feature at +1 331 236 0313 and be sure to reference the youth circus program. 


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