Answers for You

What Do I Wear & Bring?


Aerial Fitness ( Silks, Sling, Rope, Hoop): Ankle length leggings, a fitted top that covers the armpits & torso & water bottle. 

Pole Fitness: Shorts and a fitted top. And a water bottle.

Pole Dance (Sexy or Shoes classes): Shorts with leggings over, dance specific heels (no street shoes please), socks if you do not have heels yet, knee pads and leg warmers. Water bottle.

**Because we are a co-ed studio, undergarments are not considered appropriate fitness attire.


Aerial Fitness: Leggings, and a fitted top that covers the armpits & torso & water bottle. Optional: Dance Belt and or shorts over leggings.

Pole Fitness: Compression shorts with loose fitting shorts over them & water bottle. . Optional: Dance Belt.

Pole Dance (Sexy or Shoes classes): Shorts with leggings over, dance specific heels (no street shoes please), socks if you do not have heels yet, knee pads and leg warmers. Water bottle.


Aerial Fitness: Leggings and a fitted top that covers the armpits & torso. Water bottle.


Aerial Fitness: Leggings protect against fabric and Lyra irritation. As of April 12,2021 we require all students to wear a shirt that covers your armpits to prevent fabric burns and assist in keeping our fabrics fresh. 

Pole Fitness: The pole and skin provide an important anchor point in many poses like climbs and sits. Feel free to come with shorts under your leggings, so that once you feel comfortable, you can transition into your shorts.

HOT TIP: You want a snug fitting shirt that won't end up over your head once you go upside down. 

Bring a water bottle. We also sell water in bottles for $1


Yoga Mats. Because of Covid-19 we are no longer providing yoga mats, but this is optional based on preference.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy, please click here.


Although pole & aerial fitness is fun and exciting, it is should only be participated in if you are considered in good health by your physician. Medical conditions generally recognized as contraindicated for our type of fitness include but are not limited to:

  • Pregnancy. Unless you have been already participating in this type of activity, it is NOT recommend you start now, especially not aerial yoga. I know it sounds great, but the pressure of the fabric in vital areas of the mother's body not accustomed to this pressure, potentially puts both mother and baby at risk. See you in 11 months!

  • Recent C-Section: After being cleared by your medical professional to begin exercise, consider silks or pole fitness rather than aerial yoga, sling or Lyra as these disciplines often land the apparatus EXACTLY where your incision was. Consider waiting 3-5 months for the sensitivity to decrease, then, have fun!

  • Diagnosed Extreme Vertigo: If you have been diagnosed with extreme vertigo, you are welcome to try, but it can be challenging for those extremely sensitive to the movement of boats and planes. We suggest Aerial Silks first, as this discipline can be modified the easiest while you adapt to the movement. Please inform your instructor if you have concerns, and discontinue participation if you experience symptoms.

  • Glaucoma: Inversions have been proven to put strain on the inter-ocular pressure of the eye, and has been determined by the medical community to not be safe for those suffering from this condition. Many of our classes include inversions, including aerial yoga, silks, Lyra and rope...but Pole Fitness can be modified to avoid them.  Please consult your physician before attending. 

Do you offer childcare?

Unfortunately, we do not offer childcare at this time. Additionally, leaving children under 12 in the lobby unsupervised, while you attend class, is strictly prohibited and you will be denied entry without refund.

I am concerned about my weight. Will the pole and aerial rigging hold me?


Pole Fitness: Our poles are mounted to the ceiling, and can withstand up to 300 pounds of "side load" which is a technical term for how much force your body can create by pulling on it. For more info about our poles visit the Lupit Website.

Aerial Fitness:  We are extremely proud of our aerial rigging. Our building was custom engineered with 3 large beams certified to withstand 30,000 pounds of dynamic force PER BEAM. All the fabric and rigging is professional level and all pieces and parts are certified to hold human weight. We didn't get this stuff from Home Depot! Futhermore, our rigging is OSHA and ETCP certified and inspected yearly by a professional rigger. You are safe to hang with us!!!!

I have never done ANYTHING like this before. Can anyone do it?

Yes! Whether you feel you cannot dance, have no upper body strength or haven't worked out in quite some time, every client new to us, starts in the same place...the beginning.  Our fitness is unique, and everyone regardless of their fitness history comes in with no real knowledge of HOW to do this. You are not alone.

Are people allowed to watch the class?

We may have people stop in and inquire about classes, but they are not allowed to just "sit and watch" the entire class. Keep in mind, we are a co-ed studio, and men are allowed to participate, but not "just watch". This is STRICTLY ENFORCED. No boyfriends, no husbands, no creepy people off the street ;-)

Can men participate in classes?

Yes, we are a co-ed studio and men are allowed to PARTICIPATE in all classes, private parties and workshops.