Registration Policy: 

By creating a profile & registering for classes, you are agreeing to all policies, terms & conditions set forth by Altitude Fitness Inc., now and in the future. This includes but is not limited to membership agreements, terms of service, return policies and scheduling requirements. Choosing not to read ANY & ALL policies is not considered a legitimate excuse to request a refund for lost passes or refusal to honor any contractual obligations.

Class cancellations: 24 hours

DUE TO COVID -19, beginning June 1, 2020 all classes (including yoga and private sessions), require 24 hours advance notice to retain your pass. 

If you late cancel, you lose the pass.

Because we have limited our class sizes due to government restrictions, every spot is valuable. Late Cancels will result in loss of pass as well as a $15 fee & No Shows (a big no-no) will be assessed a $30 No Show penalty. 

YOU MUST GO ONLINE to cancel your reservation.
Calls and texts will NOT be accepted as a form of timely cancellation. NO EXCUSES, no refunds.

Unlimited Membership Late Cancellation Policy:

We strive to accommodate all who wish to take classes at Altitude Fitness, therefore the following late cancellation policy will apply to all members with Unlimited memberships.

The Excessive Cancellation policy will be enforced after the third instance of late cancellation in any 30 day cycle while the client has an active Unlimited Pole, Aerial or Yoga membership.  After the third late cancellation, all subsequent late cancellations within the 30 day cycle are subject to our $15 Excessive Late Cancellation Penalty. The Penalty will be charged to the card on file.

Late Arrivals: 

You may be denied entry if you arrive late for any class, for safety reasons. You will not be given a refund if you are denied entry. In the event a class is waitlisted and you are late, your space may be given to a waitlisted person. You will not be issued a refund. 

Expired Pass Buyback: **New** Clients can purchase a 30 Day Extension for passes that expired within the last 30 days. Fee for extending a pass is $5 per pass. Passes that expired prior to Dec 1, 2019 are not eligible for extension. Pass extensions are good for 30 days from the date of re-issue and cannot be re-issued again. Email info@altitudefitnessfrisco.com to get expired classes returned to you.

Bonus & Conditioning Classes: 

Free classes are a courtesy extended to the membership. Reservations for those classes should be treated the same as all other classes. Should you late cancel or no show for FREE CLASSES more than twice in a month, any future reservations for ALL classes will be removed from the system and your account will be suspended until management has reviewed and contacted you personally to clarify the policies.  A fine of $15 per occurrence may be assessed to your account for any future late cancels or no shows at the discretion of the management. 

Unattended Children:

Leaving children under 12 in the lobby unsupervised, while you attend class, is strictly prohibited and you will be denied entry without refund.

Memberships Cancellations:

Membership cancellations are subject to fulfilling contract requirements. Please read all terms and conditions of membership prior to purchase. To cancel you must email support@altitudefitnessfrisco.com within 10 days of auto payment. Any auto pays that run as a result of late notifications will not be refunded.

Chargeback Policy: Chargebacks are not a victimless crime. If you issue a chargeback for ANYTHING purchased at Altitude Fitness Inc, you will be assessed an administrative fee of $250 plus the disputed amount and any fees charged to Altitude Fitness by the issuing bank. It will be followed up by a demand of payment.  Therefore, please contact support@altitudefitnessfrisco.com to resolve any disputes PRIOR to attempting a chargeback. As you can see, I really dislike when people issue chargebacks. Let's not do that....

30 Day Challenges: 

Limit 1 special per client. Your 30 day clock begins with your first class. Late cancel or no show for the first class, and the clock has STILL started. Please be sure to read and understand all late cancel and no show policies. No rollovers. No extensions. Cannot be shared. Max 2 classes per day for safety. 

Kids Circus Academy: 

No refunds for missed classes. Make-ups for missed classes are not currently available. Payment Plans Available. Accounts must stay current and pace the series. Meaning, a client's current class cannot show as unpaid. Altitude Fitness reserves the right to charge the card on file for any outstanding balances. When you commit to a series you are responsible for the ENTIRE BALANCE of the series, regardless of attendance or outstanding payments due. 

Low Registration Policy:

In the event that a class has low or no participation, that class may be cancelled at the discretion of the owner or instructor. In the event that you are scheduled for a class that is cancelled, the system will send you an email and your pass will be credited back to your account to be used for another class. 


All workshop purchases are non-refundable. No exceptions.


Please visit the Parties page for our Private Party Policies​

​Private Lessons:

If you do not show up for your scheduled private, or if you cancel within 24 hours of the lesson, we will retain an instructor fee of $25 to pay our instructor.

Minimum Age: 

You must be 16 or older to participate in Pole Dancing Classes unless a parent or guardian attends with you. Aerial classes require a student to be 12 years of age or older to attend. 

Altitude Fitness reserves the right to refuse service to ANYONE.


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