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Registration Policy: 

By creating a profile & registering for classes, you are agreeing to all policies, terms & conditions set forth by Altitude Fitness Inc., now and in the future. This includes but is not limited to membership agreements, terms of service, return or late cancel policies, and scheduling requirements. Choosing not to read ANY & ALL policies is not considered a legitimate excuse to request a refund for lost passes or refusal to honor any contractual obligations.  ALL ACCOUNTS REQUIRE A CURRENT, WORKING  CARD ON FILE TO SECURE YOUR RESERVATION. Accounts without a card on file are subject to reservation cancellations as well as loss of passes as compensation for any cancellations fees we are unable to process without a card on file.   The number of passes lost will be rounded up to compensate for any account fees, should we not be unable to run the card on file. 


Class Cancellation Policy: 

All classes & appointments require 24 hours advance notice to retain your pass/payment.  Additional fees apply as outlined below.

Workshop & enrollment reservations cannot be cancelled or refunded. No exceptions. 


YOU MUST GO ONLINE to cancel your reservation.

Emails, calls and texts will NOT be accepted as a form of timely cancellation.

All accounts with upcoming reservations require an active, working credit card on file.

Unsecured reservations (those without an active card on file) are subject to cancellation.  You can add a card to your file thru the Login | Register button above to finalize and secure your reservation.

Cancellation Policy Terms Defined:

  • EARLY CANCEL: 24 hours or more before the class, you can early cancel your reservation and retain your pass.  Please note: this pass is retained on your Altitude account, available to be reassigned to a future reservation. It is NOT refunded to a credit card. 

  • LATE CANCEL: 2 to 24 hours before class time, is considered a late cancel and you will lose the pass associated with that reservation. It is very important to cancel your reservation, even if it is late, to allow our waitlist to be activated and fill your spot.

  • EXTRA LATE CANCEL: Cancellations within 2 hours of class time will result in the loss of pass & a $15 fee. The waitlist locks 2 hours prior to class time. So the system can no longer fill your spot electronically, resulting in vacant spots.

  • NO SHOW: No shows result in the loss of the pass & a $30 fee. We were unable to fill your spot either electronically or manually and we were not notified of your inability to attend. No show clients without a card on file will have all upcoming class reservations cancelled and will lose passes as compensation for the $30 fee. If no additional passes exist, the fee will be assessed as an account debt that will need to be remedied before you can attend any additional classes.

Monthly Membership Forgiveness Perk:

We value our members, and really appreciate that those with larger packages attend more often. The system is designed to forgive one (1) Extra Late cancellation per month. Please remember that this system is automated, so it relies on your electronic interaction. Do not call or text. 


These fees are automated. If you feel you have been unfairly fined, please reach out to within 3 days of the charge.

Calls or texts will not be accepted.

Products from out store: Refund and exchanges are gladly accepted within 30 days of purchase. Refunds are for store credit only. 

Late Arrivals: 

You may be denied entry if you arrive late (+5 minutes or more) for any class, for safety reasons. You will be checked in so you do not receive an additional fee, but not be given a refund. In the event a class is waitlisted and you are late, your space may be given to a waitlisted person. 

Expired Pass Buyback: **New** Members with a current subscription can purchase a 30 Day Extension for passes that expired within the last 30 days. Fee for extending a pass is $5 per pass. Passes that expired prior to Dec 1, 2019 are not eligible for extension. Pass extensions are good for 30 days from the date of re-issue and cannot be re-issued again. Email to get expired classes returned to you. You cannot buy back passes that were assigned to late or extra late cancelled classes.

ACH & Card Fees

As an alternative to high-cost credit card processing, Our software allows you to create a secure connection to draw all payments directly and securely from your bank account. This is powered by the same technology that you use when setting up Venmo, Zelle, etc. 

Clients adding their ACH info to their accounts will not experience any additional fees for any purchases including member subscriptions, late fees, or product purchases. For our traditional credit and debit card clients, our new payment processor, Stripe, passes processing fees on to the purchaser.

As a small business, this is paramount to our continued growth and success. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Unattended Children:

Leaving children under 12 in the lobby unsupervised, while you attend class, is strictly prohibited and you will be denied entry without a refund.

Memberships Cancellations:

Membership cancellations are subject to fulfilling contract requirements. Please read all terms and conditions of membership prior to purchase. To cancel you must submit our Membership Cancellation Form within 10 days of auto payment. Any auto pays that run as a result of late notifications will not be refunded.

Youth Circus Memberships Cancellations:

Membership cancellations are subject to fulfilling contract requirements. Please read all terms and conditions of membership prior to purchase. In order to cancel, please fill our Add/Change/Cancel Form.. We require a two-week notice. Once received, your request will be processed and provided the date of the last class. If you have been charged for the current month, you are not eligible for a refund.

Chargeback Policy: Chargebacks are not a victimless crime. If you issue a chargeback for ANYTHING purchased at Altitude Fitness Inc, you will be assessed an administrative fee of $250 plus the disputed amount and any fees charged to Altitude Fitness by the issuing bank. It will be followed up by a demand of payment.  Therefore, please contact to resolve any disputes PRIOR to attempting a chargeback. As you can see, I really dislike when people issue chargebacks. Let's not do that....



Passes are unable to be shared with another client. 

Severe Weather:

Texas can produce severe weather, sometimes without warning. In the event that it is severe, Altitude Fitness will take necessary precautions, like cancelling classes. We will always keep the banner on the home page updated with and cancellations and you will receive a text or email regarding the cancellation depending on your preferences. If Altitude cancels a class due to weather, your pass will automatically credited back to your account. If Altitude does not cancel classes due to weather, it will be your decision if you would like to come to class.


If you decide not to come to class due to weather, be sure to late cancel so we can better judge whether to cancel the class. If enough people cancel, we will cancel the entire class.  Fines are not assessed during times of severe storms, heavy rains, tornadoes, or snow.  If it is just cold and raining, we look forward to seeing you. 

30 Day Challenges: 

Limit 1 special per client. Your 30 day clock begins with your first class. Late cancel or no show for the first class, and the clock has STILL started. Please be sure to read and understand all late cancel and no show policies. No rollovers. No extensions. Cannot be shared. Max 2 classes per day for safety. 

Youth Circus Program (Enrollment): 

No refunds for missed classes. Make-ups for missed classes are not currently available. Accounts must stay current and pace the series. Meaning, a client's current class cannot show as unpaid. Altitude Fitness reserves the right to charge the card on file for any outstanding balances. When you commit to a series you are responsible for the ENTIRE BALANCE of the series, regardless of attendance or outstanding payments due. 

Low Registration Policy:

In the event that a class has low or no participation, that class may be cancelled at the discretion of the owner or instructor. In the event that you are scheduled for a class that is cancelled, the system will send you an email and your pass will be credited back to your account to be used for another class. 


All workshop purchases are non-refundable. No exceptions.


Please visit the Parties page for our Private Party Policies​

​Private Lessons:

Please visit our Private Lesson page for Private Lesson specific policies.

Minimum Age: 

You must be 16 or older with instructor permission to participate in adult level classes. Some pole dance classes are 18 and up and this is strictly enforced. Check out our Youth Circus programs if you are under 18. ​

Gift Cards: 

Gift cards and the value do not expire. Gift cards are not eligible for a refund nor for any cash value. Altitude reserves the right to change pricing options and packages at any time. Due to this, if a gift card is purchased for a specific pricing option and the gift card is redeemed after the pricing offer has changed for any reason, only the value of the gift card will be placed on your Momence account to use towards another purchase. If you have a gift card from MindBody, please email to possibly get it redeemed. Please include the gift card number and the amount.

Altitude Fitness reserves the right to refuse service to ANYONE.

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