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Northern Lights

Fall 2024 Theme

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Fall Term 2024


August 12-Dec 20, 2024

Level 1  2  3

Sling  |  Silks  |  Lyra |  MORE

Welcome to our apparatus-specific class page for existing students who have completed their fundamentals class requirements.

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Fall 2024 Term Registration
THEME: Northern Lights

August 12- Dec 20, 2024

Over 17 weeks, students across all disciplines will dive into the mesmerizing world of the Northern Lights. Imagine executing fluid, breathtaking movements that mirror the stunning beauty and grace of the Northern Lights. Don't let them miss out on this unforgettable journey—spaces are limited, and the magic awaits!


Secure your spot now and let your child's imagination soar with the Northern Lights!

2Colorful Northern Lights Inspiration Photo Collage.png

Fall Term Pricing

Registration Fee


One time fee each new term

Term Totals


Payment Plan $135/month

$35 off with Paid-In-Full

Paid in full discounts & payment plans available

Member Discounts

10% off sibilings

20% off multi-class 

Contact us if discount does not auto apply

Fall 2024 Classes


Program Benefits


Boost Confidence

As students conquer more advanced moves, their confidence and self-assurance will soar.


Enhance Coordination

Aerial training improves balance, coordination, and body awareness, skills beneficial both in and out of the studio.


Improve Flexibility and Strength

Regular practice enhances physical fitness, flexibility, and overall body strength.


Encourage Creativity

Kids will have the freedom to express themselves and create their own aerial routines.

Fall 2024  |  New Format

At Altitude Frisco, we strive for continuous improvement in our classes and communication with athletes and parents. 

This summer, we refined our vision for the fall 2024 term to provide the best and safest aerial experience. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality education for your aerial enthusiast.


We believe our fall 2024 term changes will enhance the overall experience for parents and lead to a more comprehensive aerial education for our students. However, because we are transitioning from monthly memberships to a more comprehensive term-style enrollment, all our parents should read and understand the enrollment format and policy changes.  

Fall 2024 Program updates

New Pricing is less

We've streamlined our pricing to align with our fall program changes. Each level now has the same price of $135 per month, resulting in lower costs for many. Additional discounts include 10% off for siblings and 20% off for multiple classes. You can waive the $35 registration fee by paying in full rather than using the payment plan.  More on that below. 

Progressive curriculum

Term Commitments

This fall, we are introducing terms to our program.  By asking each athlete to commit to the entire term, coaches can systematically progress through their curriculum without the need to revisit basics. Additionally, each term will include pre-set evaluations to determine if an athlete is ready to advance to the next level and will culminate in a showcase to highlight the skills learned. 

Practice Makes Progress

Graduation Benchmarks

During evaluation week, students will demonstrate their readiness to progress. Graduation benchmarks help coaches identify skills needing improvement and communicate a child's progress to their parents. Progressing to the next level may take multiple terms and should not be seen as the sole measure of success in our program. 


Formerly Recreational Class

Formerly our Recreational Class, FUNdamentals Class is a pre-level class for new program students beginning August 2024. This allows our current Level 1, 2, and 3 students to focus on advancing their skills without constantly revisiting basics. Additionally, our FUNdamentals classes are always open to students for drop-ins or can be reserved as a make-up class by any Level 1, 2, or 3 registered students.  They are a fantastic way for your aerialist to try a different apparatus!

Terms fix everything!

Make Up Classes

While our make-up policy hasn't changed, we are simplifying the process. The enrollment fee allows for two make-up classes per term, requires advance notice, and is contingent upon availability. Refunds cannot be given if your schedule conflicts with our make-up class opportunities.

Term FAQ

Fall Term: August 12- Dec 20, 2024

Do I have to enroll for the entire term?

Yes. To ensure your child receives the most comprehensive education, we ask that all families enrolling in a Level 1, 2, or 3 class commit to the entire term.  This commitment ensures a progressive and comprehensive education. 

For a commitment-free option, please check out our Recreational Classes. 

Can I quit mid term?

Upon enrollment, you will be reserving a spot for the entire term.  If you cancel in the middle of the term, we cannot fill your spot until spring.  Therefore, there are no partial refunds for early cancellation, and the balance of your payment plan will be required to exit the program officially.  

We will do our best to work with you due to any unexpected schedule changes, injuries, or circumstances. 

WHy do I have to do a payment plan?

Because we switched to terms instead of classes, the software would have overcharged you, so we designed a payment plan to FEEL like a monthly membership.


In truth, we have lowered the price of the program!  (Example: if you have been paying $125 or $150/month, that would be $625-$750 total). That is a savings of $175!) 


Payment plans are available as a budget-friendly solution.  Here is the breakdown:

  • $35 to register

  • $135 due on Aug 12

  • $135 due Sept 12

  • $135 due October 12

  • $135 due November 12

Total is $575

Pay the total upfront, and we will waive the registration fee!

Do you offer Make-up Classes?

The enrollment fee allows for two make-up classes per term, with advance notice and contingent upon availability. Refunds cannot be given if your schedule conflicts with our make-up class opportunities.

Please reach out to see if you qualify for a make-up class and how to schedule it. 



  • Seven days advance notice is required

  • Illness and injury make-up classes are on a case-by-case basis.

  • All make-up classes are subject to availability. 



Our Youth program is small and unique. As such, we operate differently from our adult classes and other youth programs.  Please read these policies carefully to understand your commitment to the program and avoid unintended fees.

Registration Policy

By creating a profile & registering for classes, you agree to all policies, terms & conditions set forth by Altitude Fitness Inc., now and in the future. This includes but is not limited to membership agreements, terms of service, return or late cancel policies, and scheduling requirements. Choosing not to read ANY & ALL policies is not considered a legitimate excuse to request a refund for lost passes or refuse to honor any contractual obligations.  ALL ACCOUNTS REQUIRE A CURRENT, WORKING  CARD ON FILE TO SECURE YOUR RESERVATION. Accounts without a card on file are subject to reservation cancellations and loss of passes as compensation for any cancellations fees we cannot process without a card on file.   The number of passes lost will be rounded up to compensate for any account fees should we not be able to run the card on file. 

Class Cancellations

You can cancel your child's reservation using the app. However, you will only receive a credit if you cancel at least seven days before your child's class starts. If Altitude has to cancel a scheduled class for weather or other unexpected issues, you will receive information on how to schedule a make up class. 

Make Up Classes

  • Once you have received your makeup class credit on your account, visit the schedules page and locate a class day & time that is ON LEVEL or below your current level. It does not need to be the same apparatus but must be on level.

  • Use the filters and select "Youth Class" to only show our youth program classes.

  • Click Book!

  • We cannot provide refunds for lack of availability in a class.

  • If you have issues securing a make-up class spot, please use the inbox feature to reach out, and we will help you arrange the make-up class. 

Parent Viewing Policies

​While it's understandable that parents may have separation anxiety, staying and watching the entire class can compromise safety and hinder learning for several reasons:


  • Distraction: Parental presence can distract children and instructors, leading to lapses in concentration and an increased risk of accidents.

  • Dependency: Constant parental presence may foster dependency, hindering children's ability to assess risks and make safe decisions independently.

  • Confidence Building: Children need to push themselves out of their comfort zones to build confidence, but parental presence can discourage calculated risk-taking and limit progress.

  • Peer Interaction: Our programs often involve collaborative learning experiences where students support and learn from each other. The presence of parents can disrupt these interactions by shifting the focus away from peer engagement.

  • Respect for Authority: Your Child’s safety relies on the ability to follow instructions and acknowledge the authority of their instructor. When parents are present, children can turn to them for guidance or validation instead of the instructor. This leads to confusion, undermines the instructor's authority, and compromises the overall safety of the class.

Parents are encouraged to occasionally drop in and observe the last 10 minutes of class to see the skills learned and monitor their child’s progress. For your safety, please wait by the aerial room doors in the lobby until a coach permits you to enter.

Enrollment Cancellations

Youth membership & term cancellations are subject to contract & term requirements being fulfilled.

  • Term Classes: Mid-term cancellations will incur early cancellation fees equivalent to the remaining balance of your payment plan.

  • FUN-damentals & Competition classes: 30 or more days notice is required to withdraw from the class. FORM LINK

All Forms

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