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Membership Changes

Cancel | Freeze | Change | Pass Exchange

Please choose one of the options below to start changing, freezing, or canceling your membership. All changes are subject to the policies in your agreement. You must log in to your Momence account to access the forms, and you can also review any signed agreements there.


Please reach out to with questions.


Memberships cannot be canceled without this form. Our agreement requires 10 or more days' notice before your next auto draft to avoid additional auto drafts of your membership. Any auto-pay that runs due to late notifications will not be refunded & all cancellations are subject to your contract requirements being fulfilled. 

Use this form to freeze your membership. Freezes must last at least ten (10) days and less than 3 months. Injury freezes MUST be accompanied by a doctor's note.

Need to change a membership? If this is for a CHILD, please reach out to

Members can extend expired passes for 30 more days! 

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