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Waitlist Secrets Revealed

Tips on how to get into the most popular classes!

It is no secret that Altitude is an amazing place with lots of unique fitness classes to keep you inspired and healthy…..but unlike a big box gym, it requires specialized equipment, and that means reservations and WAITLISTS.

What if I told you a few "secrets" to help you navigate those waitlists like a pro, and have a better chance of getting into those classes you love?

I have 3 tips over 3 days to help you navigate our waitlists like a PRO!


Classes with waitlists allow a set number of clients to potentially reserve a spot in a full class. In the event that another client with an existing reservation gives up their spot in the class, the next person on the waitlist is added to the class.

It is important to understand that waitlists are fully automated. Altitude can choose certain things like the number of people allowed on a waitlist (usually 4), as well as how long before the class its waitlist ‘locks’.

Our waitlist locks at 2 hours prior to class, which means the automation will no longer text or email you to let you know a space has become available.


If you put your name on the waitlist, consider it a reservation just like a regular class. You will be notified via text (if enabled) up to up to 2 hours prior to class time. If you change your plans, always cancel your waitlist reservation to ensure you do not lose a pass and/or receive an additional fine unnecessarily. Canceling your waitlist reservation is the same process as canceling a regular class reservation, but canceling a waitlist reservation, even within 24 hours does not incur any additional fines and you get that pass back to assign it to another class.

People forgetting to cancel their waitlist reservation is the #1 reason we have vacant spots in class, people left on the waitlist, and additional fees assessed. So, please help us help you get into those classes by treating your waitlist reservation just like a class reservation.


This is the best-kept secret of the studio, so don’t tell anyone. 😉. We often see people cancel their class reservation within the 2 hours prior to class. When this happens the waitlist has already been locked and clients still on the waitlist will not be notified of the new availability.

HACK: If you are just hanging out, but eager to attend, check & refresh the app occasionally to find newly opened spots.

Spaces will appear like magic if people cancel within those 2 hours, so if you are eager to attend and don't live far away, keep refreshing the app to check for those cancellations and then book that CLASS!!! (Your waitlist reservation will not affect your ability to book

Remember! Be sure to leave yourself enough time to get to class. The 5-minute grace period will still be enforced.


I cannot tell you how many times I have seen spots left available because someone didn’t have text messaging enabled in the Momence software, so they were not notified about the opening! Unfortunately, the waitlist relies on you opting in to receive text messages.

Ensure text messaging is enabled for Reminders and Schedule Changes in the profile setting of your Momence App. Email or call the front desk during normal business hours and ask us to check your settings. We can change it for you to ensure you get notified of those spaces, and start getting into more classes.

P.S. If you have received waitlist notifications in the past, you are all set up.



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