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Leveling Up: How to Know When it is Right to Soar to New Heights.

Wondering if you are ready to take your skills to the next level? Knowing when it's time to spread your wings is important. Progress requires expert coaching, confident execution, and, most importantly, knowing when you have mastered the fundamentals of that particular level. We're here to help you recognize when you're ready to "Level Up".

  1. Ask your trusty flight instructors. These seasoned professionals are your ultimate navigators, offering valuable insights into your progress and readiness for advancement. They'll assess your flight maneuvers, decision-making skills, and overall confidence, providing you with honest feedback to guide your journey forward. REMINDER: Every studio and program is different, so when visiting other places, be sure to ask what level might be right for you to ensure the best experience.

  2. Ask about graduation benchmarks. These key milestones signify your mastery of specific skills and knowledge areas. Whether mastering takeoffs and landings, understanding complex flight instructions, or demonstrating proficiency in techniques, hitting these benchmarks indicates your readiness to tackle more advanced challenges.

  3. Celebrate with a Level Card! Our Level Cards serve as symbolic representations of your accomplishments and progression through our curriculum. Earning your level card is a proud moment, signaling your readiness to advance to the next stage of your aviation journey. We want to celebrate your wins with you and your instructor with a photo!

But remember, progress isn't just about ticking off boxes or collecting cards. It's about embracing continuous learning, honing your skills, and cultivating a mindset of growth and improvement. So, stay humble, stay curious, and never stop reaching for the skies.

At Altitude, we're committed to empowering aspiring aerialists like you to reach their full potential. So, if you have been wondering if it's time to level up, trust in your training, trust in your instructors, and trust in yourself. Together, let's embark on this exhilarating journey of flight, where the sky is not the limit—it's just the beginning.

Happy flying!


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