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About the COmpetition

Amateur and competitive pole dance contestants face off in a bracket-style pole dance freestyle showdown to win money & prizes. Winners are chosen by applause from the audience, so bring your friends! All contestants will receive a custom t-shirt and access to Altitude Pole Fitness open gyms to practice!


This is NOT a battle of SKILL!  It is a battle of entertainment!  Have fun with the crowd, wear a fun sparkly costume, and dress up sexy or sweet, with big hair and shoes!  Whatever you think will get you to the next round! This fun and flirty competition requires absolutely no nudity or “stripping”. Whether sporty or sexy, all outfits must cover as much (or more) than a standard swimsuit.


Contestants are paired in either the amateur or competitive category of your choice.  Each competitor's song is chosen randomly from a pool of submissions by each contestant.  Each contestant takes their 45-60-second turn to show off their moves!  (Timing depends on the phrase in the music, which can differ with each song.) Crowd applause will be officially monitored with a decibel meter and the one with the loudest applause moves on to the next round.  

COST TO COMPETE:  $40 non-refundable entry fee

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Past Events

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Amateur or Competitive?

Which category is right for you?


$250 first prize

This category is for our novice "just wanna have fun crowd". You should have 1 year or less of pole dance experience and are limited to floor-based skills like spins and sits. Inverts from the floor are allowed.


No handsprings. No advanced floorwork like kips and fish flops. (Simple floor shoulder rolls are ok).  Anyone considered “sandbagging” will be moved to the Competitive category.


$500 first prize

Choose this category if you want to perform higher-level skills and tricks, including aerial inversions, handsprings, or complicated floor acrobatics like fish flops or kips.

Performance ONLY Opportunities

Aerial Showcase

Non-competitive/ No prizes

Are you an aerialist looking to perform on the big stage? We are looking for 5-7 aerial performers to start the show!  If you are interested in performing on Lyra, Rope, Silks, Sling, or a custom apparatus, OR if you would like to be considered as an ambient performer, you can sign up HERE. 

Ambient Performer

Non-competitive/ No prizes

We are looking for 8-10 aerial and pole enthusiasts to perform throughout the evening as ambient performers. If you are interested in volunteering to perform on a Lollipop Lyra, Stage Pole, or our custom Chandelyra, register your interest here! 



Stage Set Up

45MM X Pole with Quick Lock (Spin or Static) Base

  • The event is held at The Revel Patio Grill 9205 Preston Rd Frisco TX 75033

  • 45mm chrome competition X pole. 12’ tall. 

  • The competition X pole has a hard mount (not a pressure mount) at the top. 

  • Friction mount at the bottom.

  • 600# max side load.

  • Has a spin & static quick lock base. Contestant’s choice.

  • The floor is hardwood with a bit of texture, but not super grippy. The venue currently has a protective safety coating OVER the floor we will be using. It will be removed for the competition and the floor will be thoroughly cleaned before the competition.


Do's & Don'ts

Ok, let’s face it. What might be “cheeky” on one person can become a “thong” on another. So please remember that regardless of shape, all your “assets” must remain covered. It is different for everyone because everyone is different. 

  • All contestants will be given a TPS tank top that can be customized to suit their costume. The logo MUST remain intact. 

  • All outfits must cover as much (or more) as a standard swimsuit. 

  • Heels are encouraged. Knee pads are optional.

  • Cheeky and flirty cuts of pole shorts are allowed.

  • No costume changes in the interest of time. 

  • Bikini tops are allowed if your “assets” comply. 

  • Pasties are REQUIRED regardless of gender.


Please reach out with costume questions. We want you to feel your most confident. Wear what enhances your physique, without compromising anything.  Please see more about costume requirements and things NOT allowed in the full competitor packet HERE


Each contestant can submit between 3-5 songs, and their song will be selected at random for each round. That is the freestyle part. We will start the song ANYWHERE in that song and play it for approximately +/- 60 seconds depending on the phrasing.  So for example, if you submit 5 songs, you will not know which song will come on, or which part of the song it will be. Different songs will have different tempos and chorus phrasing, so the length of your particular freestyle might be slightly longer or shorter than other competitors. We will begin lowering the music, to signal you to complete your combo.

Packet Info


Receive a copy of the complete contestant rules straight to your inbox! Complete the form below (no obligation) and see if the Texas Pole Showdown is right for YOU! This will NOT register you for the competition. Just get the complete, printable packet sent to you. 

Check your inbox for the email with a link!


Event Sponsor

Altitude Frisco

8855 Preston Trace Blvd #300

Frisco TX 75033




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