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Altitude Member Referral Program

Thank you so much for your interest getting your friends hooked on pole & aerial! We love new friends!  Please read all the info below, so you don't get your feelings hurt if something isn't set up correctly!

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How it works

  1. Become a member with an auto drafted monthly membership. Kids, Teens, Platinum, Crush.... anything works.

  2. Invite your friends, and make sure to contact support or talk to the front desk about officially establishing the relationship in your Mindbody account.

  3. Once your friend buys their membership, you will start receiving 10% off your monthly membership auto payments each month. You can do this with AS MANY friends as you like and it can even add up to a FREE membership!

Things To Remember (aka Fine Print)

  1. It does not work with punch cards. Only monthly AUTO DRAFT memberships.

  2. We have to have the relationship officially listed on your profile in the system. It is automated. Until we officially establish it correctly in the system, it doesn't just know you referred Susan.

  3. Both you and your friend must have an ACTIVE monthly recurring membership. So for instance, if Susan's card number changed, and their membership does not go through for the month, and this happens during the window of time YOUR membership is set to run, then the discount will not be applied by the computer for that month. Because technically, Susan does not have a current, active membership in the eyes of the system.

  4. Only the referer gets the discount, not both of you. So if you (Karen) refer Susan, then only Karen is getting the 10% off.

  5. We cannot honor PAST referrals. However, if you do have someone you referred and you would like to BEGIN getting the discount, please reach out so we can establish the relationship and begin giving you the discount moving forward. 

  6. The referral program is not a right. It is a privilege. You are not entitled to it and you are not allowed to get mad if something goes wrong and you do not receive your discount(s) for that month. Don't be the person that ruins it for everyone. 

  7. If y'all start fighting about who referred whom, then the girl with the  orange hair is gonna tell you that no one gets the discount. 

  8. We reserve the right to discontinue or alter the referral program at any time, for any reason.


Need to set up a referral relationship?

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