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Gift Cards

Our gift cards are a great way to give back to the pole or aerial enthusiast in your life. Or even gift yourSELF! 

All gift cards:

  • Retain their original value

  • Never expire

  • Can be applied to anything

  • Can be bought electronically and emailed or printed or in store (physical gift card)

  • Have no quantity restrictions!

  • Customizable gift cards available to fit any budget

If you would like our physical gift card kit, please visit us in person.

NOTE: Our studio is ONLY open during class times. Please visit our Schedule tab to plan your visit.

Want to add some extras to your electronic gift card?

Gift Cards: Text

Redeem a Gift Card

Physical gift cards (hard, plastic silver) can only be redeemed by filling out this form. Please allow 24 hours to process this request. If you are a new client, please be sure to create an account so we have someplace to put your gift.

If you received a paper gift card, you can redeem it directly online for a product or service and skip this step. Please visit the "Redeem an electronic gift card" option above for additional details.

Are you a new client?
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