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Competition & Performance Prep Class


Prep Class

  • Weekly Enrollment

  • $150/month

  • All Apparatus

  • Sharing apparatus may be required

  • 90 Minutes

  • Skills Assessment required prior to enrollment. 

About the Class

Competition & Performance Prep Class is designed for students with a strong desire to compete or perform. Students will learn how to craft a well-balanced routine for upcoming local, regional and national competitions and performance opportunities. 


In this 90 minute class, students will take what they are learning in their weekly aerial skills classes, and apply:

  • Act creation & routine building

  • Sequencing & flow for stamina and impact

  • Applying performance style & artistry

  • Polish & perfect

The class will have a mix of apparatus, and students will be required to stay with their main apparatus. The class will also focus on ground-work including acrobatics, conditioning and flexibility as these are essential to a well-balanced performance.

Students will get input from a variety of instructors to ensure a well-rounded aerial education.  We will be using the 


*All times approximate

10min | Class Concept Focus |  Conversation & Explanation

20 min | Warm Up & Conditioning

45 min | Concept Application & Apparatus Time

15 min  | Flexibility & Cool Down

To Be Considered

Interested students should bring their "Golden Ticket" to their next regular weekly class. This will indicate to the instructor that they are interested in being considered for the enrollment, and that you as the parent, understand the cost and commitment level associated with participating. 

Throughout the class, the instructor will assess the skills indicated below, and we will reach out to the parents of interested kids personally and let you know how they did and whether they are able to participate this semester.  New students will only be added quarterly to ensure each participant can focus on building their own polished routine.

We follow the POSA Handbook of moves.

Costs (the fine print)

  • $150/month.

  • Cancellation within 10 days of your next draw date required to avoid additional charges.

  • Remember it is not per month. Each charge is for 4 classes, just like your other enrollment.  This ensures you are not charged when we are closed. 


  • You are never required to attend or participate in any of the available showcases, competitions or performance opportunities.

  • Your tuition does not include ANY additional costs such as entry fees or team warm ups. 

AerialSilk (1).jpg


Silks Elements

  • French Climb

  • Russian Climb

  • Creature Climb

  • Circus Climb

  • Hip Key

  • Dancers & Figure 8 Foot Lock (air & ground)

  • Egg Beater to Double Foot Lock (air & ground)

  • ​Long Arm Hang x 15 seconds


Lyra Hoop

Lyra Hoop Elements

  • Pullover to Superman

  • Elbow Hang with Safety Hand

  • Straddle Invert (center & side)

  • Hocks Hang (top & bottom bar)

  • Inside & Outside Delilah Mount

  • Hip Hang

  • Long arm tuck/pike/straddle x 10

  • Overhand & underhand pull ups x 3



Sling Elements

  • ​Pullover

  • Half & Full Catchers

  • Arabesque Sequence

  • Infinity Rolls

  • Salto

  • Long Arm Hang x 15 seconds

Upcoming Competitions
  • April Youth Performer Sign Up
    April Youth Performer Sign Up
    Showcase is April 20, 2024 @ 3:30pm
    Altitude Pole Fitness & Aerial Arts, 8855 Preston Trace Blvd #300, Frisco, TX 75033, USA
    Showcase is April 20, 2024 @ 3:30pm
    Altitude Pole Fitness & Aerial Arts, 8855 Preston Trace Blvd #300, Frisco, TX 75033, USA
    Youth Aerial Showcase Registration for the showcase on Saturday, April 20, 2024. Tickets to ATTEND will go on sale in March.
  • 2024
    Thinking of taking your practice to the stage? There are competitions available for any age and level!

Meet The Team

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Program Coordinator

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Curriculum Director



Program Director

Curriculum Coordinator



Head Program Director

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