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Pole Fitness

Level Up

Pole Fitness Program

Altitude's Level Up Pole Fitness Program is a curriculum within the network of classes providing students with benchmark-based level goals, inspiring them to consistently level up and take their fitness to the next level.

Lead by our certified pole fitness instructors, our pole fitness curriculum ensures that students get safe, effective & knowledgeable instruction with measurable, tangible results.

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Level Up Special!

Limit 1 per client. New or existing clients are eligible.

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Level Up Pole Program

Our Curriculum
Detailed descriptions of specific classes are available on our schedule page by clicking on the name of the class.

NOTE: The GRADUATION MOVE listed is to help gauge the proper class level of those with previous pole dance experience. It is not intended to be the ONLY indicator of advancement. Our full curriculum is available at the studio.

Level 1


Start your pole fitness journey here! Nervous? You will be in good company! Here you will learn the fundamental moves needed to build a solid foundation for your pole fitness journey.
GRADUATION MOVE: Climbing with confidence

Level 2

Tricks + Flow

TRICKS:  Focuses on the technique and proper execution of both timeless and trendy pole tricks, building a strong and solid practice. 

FLOW: Challenge your mind and creativity by taking a fresh approach to the tricks and spins you are learning! Flow through the movements and connect tricks and spins in fun and unique ways, gaining strength, stamina and confidence. **Please be sure to read the class description as to whether this class is a heels, sexy or contemporary class.


Level 3

Tricks + Flow

Expanding on your skills from previous levels, inverts will be solidified and expanded upon and handspring, shoulder mount and ayesha variations will be conditioned and honed for safety and confidence. Learn more intricate dance techniques including threading, base work, shoulder rolls, kips & illusion splits. Learn to control the dynamics of spins and begin to develop your own style and movement quality.
**Please be sure to read the class description as to whether this class is a heels optional class. 
GRADUATION MOVE: Solid handspring and aerial invert

Level 4

Tricks + Combos

For those interested in achieving pre-professional or Elite status, this class combines both high level tricks in combination with advanced concepts, to challenge and inspire those wishing to attain the highest level of skill.
GRADUATION MOVE: Instructor Approval

Level Up: Files

Helpful Tips For Ultimate Success

Here at Altitude Fitness, we want each and every client to find their own personal successes. Here are some additional resources available to you to help you live your best life!

Groups, Videos & Worksheets

Monthly Conditioning Challenge

Each month we have a new challenge for beginner to advanced students. Take part in the journey by joining our Facebook Group

Goal Setting Video

Learn to set S.M.A.R.T. goals to reach the next level in your practice.


Goal setting worksheets to help you stay on track. Watch the goal setting video for more on how to make the most out of these sheets.

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