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Pole & Aerial Planner

  • Set specific goals and track your progress over time.

  • Establish a routine and create a sense of accountability.

  • Optimize your training program by adjusting your approach based on what works best for you, and avoiding potential pitfalls or plateaus.

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DIY Printable in A5 or Letter sizes


Calendars, Goal setting, training log & more


Amazon inspo list for customizing your journal


Reprint more pages as needed! 


New pages to add regularly

Does your pole & aerial practice suffer from...

Curated by Tricia Lauerman
Founder of Altitude Aerial Arts in Frisco TX

With over 15 years of pole, aerial, and personal training experience, Tricia has created an ever-evolving training journal that can help you reach your training goals.

Alexa Y.

The planner I have been waiting for. Now I can keep track of my moves and what I learned in class! All in one place. 
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Its all yours for free!

Registration is required through our Momence software, just so we can send you updated pages and get suggestions from you for what you need. 

You will also receive an email with links to pre-order a fully printed planner pack, an amazon list to curate your very own unique planner with links to the same supplies we used and so much MORE! 

Use promo code 'PLANNER2024' at checkout to receive a free download link to the 2024 Pole & Aerial planner. 

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