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Altitude Fitness has created a space filled with curated content to uplift and inspire, exclusively for our members! Whether you are still fully virtual or supplementing your in-studio workouts, our content is designed you inspire you to reach your goals as well as articles & ideas on how to stay positive and mentally healthy as well.

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21 Day Challenge

What is it?

The 21 day challenge is an at home virtual workout program designed help you stay connected with your favorite instructors, gain flexibility, tighten & tone as well as stay in peak mental and physical condition in and out of the studio. We will have a totally new 21 day challenge for you with before & after photos, hashtags & best of all PRIZES! Or you can just have free access to the this months selection of videos. 

Check out this month's challenge below!

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June Challenge :: June 15 - July 5, 2020

Both active and passive flexibility are key elements in creating those beautiful shapes in the air. Stretching has also been proven to decrease the risk of injury, reduce stress & compliments strength training by elongating muscle fibers after training and reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Regular flexibility sessions are a vital component of every pole and aerial enthusiasts training protocol.

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How to Participate

Splits Challenge

Main Tag: #altitudesplitschallenge
Supporting Tags: #splitschallenge #altitudefrisco @altitudeaerialarts

Before Photos

Take some before pictures of your right, left & center splits. You can just save them on your phone, or you can post them with this months tags to see who else is participating and support your Altitude family!

Follow the Program

3 times a week, chose a flexibility video from our "Quarantine Collection" below. After completing EACH class, take a photo of your splits & save ion your phone or post it with the tags. (You should have 12 sets of photos by the end of the challenge).

Post the Results

At the end of the challenge, post before & after photos of any or all of your splits! Winners will be determined by, most progress as well as most participation, so everyone can have a chance to win!

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Video Library

Flexibility Focused Options

Choose a video from the collection below to help you reach this month's challenge goal. Although not all choices SPECIFICALLY focus on the challenge at hand, please remember that overall health is often achieved by maintaining balance in the body. Flexibility limitations often hide in some unsuspecting parts of the body, so even back and shoulder flexibility play a role in splits flexibility.

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Recommended Products

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Body Work & Rolfing

Courtney believes that feeling better in your body builds from the foundation (your feet) and works up. Education and training at The Rolf Institute® has taught her that a poor foundation, including achy feet, affects the well-being of the rest of the body.
Courtney looks forward to continuing to educate the public about the benefits of therapeutic massage and structural integration, while providing the highest quality of care.
When Courtney isn't at the clinic helping others with their bodies, she is spending time with her husband and dog and training for her next triathlon.

Collagen Protein

HEALTH BENEFITS: Improves hair, skin, nails, joints and ligaments, and tendon health.* The one suggested is one that I have been using in my morning coffee, and it is completely tasteless. There are plenty of other out there, so look around!

Forearm Massage

Start and end your day with a self care massager that uses massage therapy techniques to stimulate muscles and improve muscle healing.

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