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Covid 19 Precautions

This information and the policies here are subject to change in accordance with state, local and national mandates.

Last updated April 8, 2021

 We have taken ideas and suggestions from the healthcare community and will be initiating the following protocols to ensure the space is CDC compliant and you stay healthy.

Items Allowed in the Studio

In order to minimize risk, only the following items will be allowed into the studio. All items must be in a small bag that you can hang on a hook. Please leave all large bags and purses in your trunk. Items cannot be left in the lobby unattended.

In your bag that can be hung on a hook:

  • ​Cell Phone

  • Tack

  • Dance Shoes (if applicable)

  • Water bottle

  • Mat (can be carried)

NEW! Touch Free Everything!

Upgraded Faucets, Soap Dispensers & Bathroom Lights

We have upgraded our faucets and soap dispensers to touch free units to minimize touching high traffic surfaces. We have also installed touch free light switches in both bathrooms, and changed the trashcans out to have an open top.

Air Purifiers

Every Room

We have purchased 3 commercial grade air purifiers with H13 filters that are able to filter out virus particles. According to their labels, they are capable of filtering the air in the entire room every 30 minutes.


Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Different equipment requires different disinfecting. 

  • Pole: We have always provided you your own personal towel and spray bottle with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, as recommended by the CDC.

  • Aerial: We use a combination of vodka and essential oils sprayed on the fabric after each use and allowed to dry.  Cleaning wipes or hospital grade disinfectant can be used on some parts of our hard apparatuses. We are also planning classes to not be back to back on the same apparatus to allow for more time between contact.

  • Floors & Mats: We have purchased hospital grade disinfectants to be used after every class and each night.

Social Distancing


Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to provide you with yoga mats or straps.  We are providing disposable bags that can be placed over the yoga blocks to ensure 1 time touch. However, we recommend you bring your own items if you are interested in using them for your practice.

Face Masks


We are concerned masks pose a safety risk during physical activity such as ours, since they decrease your body's ability to oxygenate your muscles efficiently and can trap carbon dioxide inside the mask reducing the amount of oxygen your body absorbs.  This increases the potential for hyperventilating or fainting.  

Therefore, wearing a facemak while participating in class is OPTIONAL, as long as the client abides by all the other the social distancing protocols. You are more than welcome to wear a mask, but if you experience lightheadedness, shortness of breath or tingling in your extremities, we will escort you outside to help you catch your breath and ensure you are ok.

We request that all participants arrive wearing a mask and to wear a mask in all common areas. All front desk staff will be wearing masks during class times. 

Hands Free

Emergency Spotting ONLY

To ensure your health and maintain social distancing guidelines, we will be attempting to create curriculum that does not require hands on spotting. As a client, please understand that if we feel your life is in danger, you may come into contact with us.


Students ONLY

We want to decrease everyones exposure to each other. Only students will be allowed in the building. We ask that you not wait between classes in the lobby, and always have a mask entering and exiting the facility. Please remain in your car until 10 minutes prior to class. While Texas has approved to have all business open at 100%, we will remain at 25% to be able to maintain no apparatus sharing and social distancing. 

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