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Choose from a wide variety of pole and aerial classes designed to challenge and change you. Each class has leveled progressions designed with brand new beginners in mind. With over 60 classes to choose from each week, we can help you....

Elevate Your Fitness

Pole Fitness

Whatever your style, we have a variety of classes to choose from. Our Level 1 classes start with basic beginner foundations.

Where you go from there, is up to you!!

Branch out to sporty, dance, flirty, Russian style or contemporary flow classes.


Aerial Silks

Gain strength and increase flexibility learning to wrap, climb, spin, twist and drop, all while suspended in fabric. Silks are tied in the center and two tails hang down.


Aerial Sling

Tied to create a natural seat, or "hammock" aerial sling is a relatively new and very approachable aerial fabric style. More acrobatic than aerial yoga, you will quickly gain strength and aerial confidence.


Aerial Hoop

Circular steel apparatus resembling a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling, that circus artists perform aerial acrobatics.

A beautiful and traditional circus art.

angelaerialA3 (1).jpg

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga combines grounded postures with my magic of flight. It decompresses your body and spirit while you flex, fly and float. It's a great way to gain confidence and build trust in your aerial practice and fantastic for those new to the world of aerial arts.



Balance your strength practice with flexibility classes. Helps reduce the risk of injury and reduces muscle soreness.


Aerial Rope

Aerial Rope (also known as Corde Lisse) is an aerial circus skill or act that involves acrobatics on a vertically hanging rope. Rope technique is closely related to silks, which is why we request aerial silks training prior to attendance.

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