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Altitude Mentor Program


The Altitude Mentoring Program is designed to prepare and support new instructors on their journey to teaching fun, safe, and effective classes. 


The Altitude Mentoring Program incorporates class observation, interactive curriculum feedback, and hands-on teaching experience to ensure new instructors have the confidence and tools for success needed to share their love of aerial and pole fitness.


In order to be considered for the Altitude Mentoring Program, applicants must meet the following qualifications:


  • Completion of a CPR & First Aid Training (certificate must be valid)

  • Have attended at least 20 classes (in-person) for the main apparatus being applied for in the Altitude Mentoring Program (These classes do not all need to have been taken at an Altitude Fitness location but proof of attendance is required if done at other studios.)

  • Select a secondary apparatus 

  • Have started (or at least have selected) an approved certification program for main apparatus

  • Submit Altitude Mentoring Application

  • Include all existing, up-to-date certifications (i.e. yoga, personal training, foam rolling, aerial, pole, others that could be relevant, etc.)

Program Components

In order to complete the Altitude Mentoring Program, the following tasks must be completed and passed within 90 days of the agreed upon start date.


  1. Get approved as a participant

  2. If not enrolled already, enroll in an approved training course. (See list below or submit a different course for approval.)

  3. Meet with the studio owner or manager to discuss expectations and develop a personalized game plan


Main Apparatus

  1. Attend 3 Level 1 classes as a student (different instructors, if possible)

  1. Submit the class observation form

  2. Feedback session with mentor

  1. Attend 3 Level 1 classes as an assistant

    1. Advance approval required. Not every class is appropriate to assist. 

    2. Submit the class observation form

    3. Feedback session with mentor

  2. Attend 3 Level 1 classes as a co-instructor

    1. Advance approval required

    2. Be prepared to teach a warm up, skill, or cool down

    3. Submit a video of you teaching

    4. Feedback session with instructor and mentor

  3. Attend 1 hour mentor coaching, in person session to prepare for Level 0 instruction.

  4. Teach 3 Level 0 classes

    1. Advance approval required

    2. Regular instructor and mentor will be present

    3. Submit a video of you teaching each class

    4. Feedback session with instructor and mentor for each class


Secondary Apparatus

  1. Attend 2  Level 1 classes as a student (different instructors, if possible)

    1. Submit the class observation form 

    2. Feedback session with instructor

  2. Attend 2 Level 1 classes as an assistant

    1. Submit the class observation form

    2. Feedback session with instructor 


Written Assignments

  1. Complete 5 assignments from the applicable handbook

  2. Complete 5 progressions for main apparatus

  3. Complete 2 progressions for secondary apparatus


How to Complete the Program

  1. Mentor reviews and provides final feedback

  2. Feedback session with studio owner or manager and mentor


*In order to apply to become an Altitude Fitness instructor for the main apparatus your mentorship was for,, you must have completed a Level 1 certification from one of the approved programs (or one that has been approved by the studio owner) within 6 months of completing the program.


Participant Cost 

Main Apparatus:

  • Students using their existing membership package: $100

  • Students without an existing package or those that do not wish to use an existing membership package: $280 This price includes 10 passes at a discounted rate of $18/class, to attend the classes you will be observing and assisting. 

  • Additional apparatus certifications receive 15% off, and are exempt from the 5 homework assignments (depending on apparatus)


Books to Purchase 

These books are fantastic resources for instructors to have in their arsenal for ongoing learning and instruction. The written assignments come from one or more of these books. While the recommendation is to purchase these so you have them on hand, we understand cost can be an issue. We do have these available to ‘check-out’ while in the studio for the purposes of the program. 


The Aerial Teacher Handbook

The Pole PT - Strength and Conditioning for Pole


Approved Certification Programs

Always check websites for specials (especially Black Friday! 🤗). Most certification options also offer to split payments across a specified time period. 


Aerial-Focused Certifications


Pole-Focused Certifications


Worksheet Links 

Class Observation Form

Curriculum Sheet

Learning Progression Sheet


After Graduation

Being a great teacher is an ongoing learning process. In order to continue to have a fresh curriculum and stay ahead of students, instructors must also continue to learn by taking other classes, attending workshops and certifications,  and always looking for new progressions and regressions to build on the basics. Always take advantage of opportunities to grow!


  • How long does it take to get approved for the Altitude Mentoring Program? 

    • Please allow 24-48 hours for us to review your application and respond.

  • Why is there a cost associated with the program?

    • We are committed to your success and we want you to be, too! The cost of the program goes to your mentors and helps keep you accountable to complete the program.

  • Is the secondary apparatus required?

    • The secondary apparatus gives you the opportunity to see if there is another class you would like to teach and it allows you to focus and see the differences in teaching different types of apparatuses.

  • What if I am unable to afford the certifications at this time? 

    • Talk to us about your situation! We will do our best to get creative and help you reach your goals!

  • Does Altitude Fitness provide any funding assistance for certifications? 

    • Talk to us about your situation! We are not able to fund your certification but we may be able to work out something depending on the particulars. The main reason for this is that our instructors are independent contractors. There are federal laws around what businesses can and can’t provide to independent contractors.

  • Am I guaranteed an offer to become an Altitude Fitness instructor once I complete the Altitude Mentoring Program?

    • While we would love to guarantee every participant an instructor position, we just can’t! This is dependent on budget, schedule availability, best fit for classes, etc. We do always need subs which is an awesome way for new instructors to gain experience! 

  • If I do become an instructor, why do I need to carry my own insurance? 

    • Instructors for Altitude Fitness are considered independent contractors, not employees. This means you are essentially starting your own side business and must take the necessary steps to cover yourself as an instructor. We can absolutely provide you with an insurance contact that we work with directly and that knows our business. 

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